We should always take care of our spine as many people face back pain in their everyday life. Almost every adult has suffered at least once by an episode of pain in the back that took days to be healed. Sometimes this pain might last hours, but it can also last months or even years or having episodes that come and go.

But what are the reasons for the back pain? There is not always an obvious answer on this, however, there are multiple factors that can lead to an episode or frequent episodes of back pain.

This might be because nowadays people are less active, they do more of office work, they don’t have much of musculoskeletal involvement in their everyday life, they don’t train, they sit for many hours in a chair using computers or mobiles, etc.

The most vital part of your back is your spinal cord. The spinal cord is composed of 33 individual vertebrae that interlock with each other, to create a ‘spinal column’. There are 4 primary areas of the spinal cord, the cervical area; connecting directly to your skull, the thoracic and lumbar area; acting as the mid-section, and lastly the sacral area; connecting to your hip bone.

Between every vertebra, there are small hardened disc-like objects that contain jelly-like fluid core called spinal discs. The primary function of these discs is to absorb shock, align the vertebra together, and allow for flexibility in the spine. In other words, spinal discs allow you to move your back freely and prevent your spinal cord from fracturing.So needless to say these, little guys are really important.

Lower back pain is becoming increasingly common and worryingly the age of sufferers is also becoming younger which we at KOYOTO Spine Care Shop feel is attributed to prolonged sitting, screen slouch and bad posture.

The premium quality of KOYOTO’s Neck,Lumbar and Seat Support Cushion can effectively relieve those pain caused by spinal cord from cervical, thoracic, lumbar to sacral area. The various types of Contour Pillow from KOYOTO supports human spine in its most natural position while asleep, helps to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, and ensures waking up without annoying neck, shoulder or back pain.

Others products like Cervical Collar, Back Support Belt, Posture Corrector, Spine Stretcher, etc., all takes care of our spine and relieves pain.


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