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The simple shape, the light thickness and the anatomical comfort of the sole structure are the main values of NETTO Chair series --  The main values of professionals who demand quality, comfort and support. With its unique Pellicle materials, the NETTO chair distributes weight evenly over the seats and back, conforming to each person's shape. The materials also lets air pass through, adding to long term comfort by preventing body-heat build-up.

NT Function 1

Classy chrome metal armrest and chair base

NT Function 2

The Kneetilt mechanism allows the body to pivot naturally and simultaneously at the ankles, knees and hips providing a smooth ride and proper support from forward leaning to reclining postures. The tilt-tension adjustment lets the user easily control the resistance felt when leaning back.

NT Function 3

Upholstered with unique "Web" mesh material which allow air to pass through, adding to long-term comfort by preventing body heat and moisture build-up

NT Function 4

Tempered glass top for safety purpose

NT Function 5

Unique stable chrome metal base


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