Memory Foam Spine-Care Sleep Pillow


The unique Wave and Concave design of the KOYOTO Premium Contour Memory Foam Spine Care Sleep Pillow was created to adjust to the natural shapes to the head and neck,and will give them full support for enjoying restful sleep.

Scientifically-proven therapeutic wave shaped and unique centre concave cum neck side half moon design,naturally fit for human cervical spine.

Product Details Label.

Pillow Size 61cm X 32cm X 10cm,can be fitted in normal sized pillow case.

Branded Malaysia Product.

Washable Label.

Bamboo derived rayon anti-bacterial outer case provide natural deodorization.

Outer case is easily removed with zipper for simper cleaning.On the memory foam,there is a white jersey inner case which increases comfort,absorption ability and moisture wicking properties.

PP packing come with handle.

Anti-bacterial and dust mite-resistant premium slow rebound BASF(Germany) memory foam.